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About Whale FUND

The future does not come, it is already here. We all watched how rapidly new scientific breakthroughs in the field of medicine, IT technologies and the Internet, changed our world beyond recognition. These were only the first steps towards the transformation of human society into something new. The next stage of transformation is happening now, with the advent of blockchain technology.

The market of crypto-currencies and companies, one way or another using the blockchain technology, shows astounding growth. On the example of the very first crypto currency, Bitcoin, in the past five years this growth was about 70,000% (from 10 USD in 2012 to 7,000 USD and higher, at the peak of 2017 on the largest Chinese exchanges).

Of course, the emergence of a new market, the growth of which leaves all existing investment tools far behind, could not pass unnoticed for professional financiers.

We, the Whale FUND team, have been involved in the management of private investors' assets in the crypto-currency market for more than 5 years. Combining successful traders, professionals in the private banking industry and experienced IT professionals, we create a convenient infrastructure for investment in crypto assets.

Like the big blue whale, we are not afraid of financial storms, we know the right route to profit and we are able to interact comfortably with all participants of the investment process, be it managers, founders and, of course, investors.

Join us!

The structure and mechanics of the fund's work are as follows:

Portfolio of the Fund, (%):


Main advantages:

Absolute transparency and the absence of gray schemes
Absolute liquidity of your funds on recognized crypto-exchange markets
High income, much higher than that offered by traditional investment structures
The opportunity to invest in the economy of the 21st century
Professional managers with many years of trading experience in the crypto-currency market

Fund strategy:

The investment portfolio is made up of highly liquid and promising crypto-currencies;

The average daily turnover in the previous 6 months should be at least 100 000 USD (excluding the ICOs section);

The maximum size of a share in the portfolio of one currency is not more than 25% (excluding the stabilizing function of BTC);

The aggressive part of the portfolio is represented by the ICOs section, to which up to 15% of the funds are allocated.


The results of the investment activity of the Fund are reflected in the quarterly reports with the results of the work for the reporting period. The Fund's operational purses will be posted in this section to monitor their balance in real time, and the stock transactions will be detailed in each quarterly report.


Stages of ICO:


The beginning of the Bounty campaign, the formation of a limited subscription for the purchase of tokens


Completion of the sale of tokens by limited subscription


End of ICO and Bounty campaign


Getting started with the mobile app


Completion of the formation of a limited subscription, the beginning of the sale of tokens on the generated lists


The beginning of the open phase of the ICO

until 12/20/17

Calculations for the Bounty campaign and the partner program
Maximum supply:
800 000 Whale

That corresponds to the total number of all cetaceans in the World Ocean for 2017.

Distribution of tokens:

- tokens for sale through the ICO stages
- share of developers and co-founders
- Affiliate program
- Bounty program
- operating expenses


Kisin Gennady
The fund manager. Supervises interaction with partners of the company and investors.
Denis Semenov
IT department
It is headed by the IT department and provides technical implementation of the WhaleFUND's activities.
Michael Voskresensky
Defines the marketing strategy of the Fund.

Roman Korniyets
Fund Risk-Manager
Consultant of the Fund on risk management. More than 10 years of experience in large companies.
Alexander Gladskikh
Director of Development
Investor, co-founder of international crypto community BlockchainHouse.
Adele Bodalev
Managing partner
Managing partner of the WHALE Fund.

Ivan Kuznetcov
More than 10 years of experience in the financial markets, has the certificates of FSFM 1.0, MBI, FINEK, MBA.
Vladislav Taraskin
General trading experience is more than 9 years. Trading in crypto-currencies for more than a year. Trade medium and long-term positions.
Stanislav Styazhkin
Trader of the WHALE Fund.

Questions and answers

+How to invest?

WhaleFUND is a type of closed-end investment funds that have certain restrictions on accepting investments. You can invest in the Fund by purchasing WHALE tokens during limited subscription, pre-ICO and ICO. To do this, you need to send funds (ETH) from your wallet to the purse of the Smart contract. ATTENTION: send funds only from your personal wallet (to which you have a private key), we do not accept investments from stock exchange purses!

+Where can I check my current balance?

The work of the WhaleFUND is built on the Ethereum blockchain and the appropriate infrastructure is used. Acquired within the ICO stages WHALE tokens you get to your ETH-wallet, and therefore monitor the balance can through the Ethereum block explorers: or

+How can I exchange funds (sell my WHALE tokens)?

After the investment portfolio is completed, WHALE tokens will be added to popular exchanges, where they can be sold at a market rate, including for fiat money.

+Is my money safe?

The safety of the funds is ensured by the reputation and infrastructure of the Ethereum network and is confirmed by years of impeccable work. The WHALE tokens you purchase are stored on your own ETH-purse and Fund employees do not have access to them.

+How can I see the bought WHALE tokens in my ETH wallet?

You need to add a token mapping by specifying the number of the WHALE smart contract (will be later), the coin divisibility (18 characters) and the ticker (WHALE) in the appropriate fields (Add Custom Token).

+Is there verification of investors?

We do not conduct verification of investors.

+Can I invest cash or other forms of fiat money?

You can do this using the exchange services (the largest and most secure ones are collected, for example, on the aggregator) and purchasing ETH (you will need an ETH purse to store purchased WHALE tokens anyway, you can register it on

+Are there any restrictions on the amount of investment?

The minimum investment size is 0.01 ETH* (another amount within limited subscription stage), which is equivalent to 1 WHALE, the maximum investment size is limited to the maximum number of WHALE tokens issued.

+Is there a minimum / maximum period for investing?

Invest in WhaleFUND is possible only within the ICO (limited subscription, pre-ICO, ICO), continuing until 12/17/17, after this date, WHALE tokens will only be available in the open market at the market rate.

+Do you sign a contract with an investor?

This is not required. The investment is carried out through the Ethereum infrastructure, ensuring the legal purity and transparency of all transactions for the purchase of WHALE tokens.

+What is your proposal to investors?

We invite investors to join the formation of the Fund's investment portfolio by purchasing WHALE tokens within the ICO stages. The growth of the WHALE tokens exchange rate on the open market will be ensured by the results of the Fund's activities (quarterly reporting plus the transparency of the Fund's crypto-currency wallets statistics) and the obligation to buy WHALE tokens from the market for part of the profit.

+Is it possible to store tokens in a cold wallet, what are cold storage options?

Yes, you can use the paper or hardware-form of your wallet, this possibility is provided by some providers (such as Metamask / Mist, Ledger Wallet, TREZOR and others).

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Affiliate program

Take a part in the Affiliate Program in the framework of ICO WhaleFUND and get 2% of the purchase amount of WHALE tokens made by your partners! To get the affiliate link it is enough to indicate the number of your ETH-purse.